Ads Wallet Pocket Facial Tissue Machine

Ads Wallet Pocket Facial Tissue Machine

Machine Specifications

CB228 195AF Wallet Pocket Tissue Machinery – with card

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CB228 195AF Pocket Tissue Machine with fasten manufacturer technology for automatic produce wallet pocket tissue products. Advanced controlling auto dispenser device to reach excellent performance and to reach tissue market requirement, and suitable for big product capacity of wallet pocket tissue products.
The high-performance of inserting advertising message card device which can beit is sure to create its product value and make its value-added- advertising message cards. The wallet pocket tissue machine inserts advertising message cards to enhance eye-catching text to affects emotionally satisfying by target customers. It now looks more practical than ever, with advertising message cards, more striking facial tissue products.
Wallet Pocket Tissue Machine Specifications
Machine Classify
Machine Model
CB228 195AF
Jumbo Roll Dimension
Jumbo Roll Diameter
Jumbo Roll Material Qualify
Paper Basic Weight: 12~15 gsm/1 ply
Paper Material:100% pure paper
Jumbo Roll Paper Core: 3 inches
Jumbo Roll Unit:1 unit
Interfold Style
Mixed Fold ( Z Fold + V Fold ) / 2 PLY
Unfold Dimension
195mm(L)x 200mm(W)
Interfold Dimension
95mm(L)x 100mm(W)
Knife Module
Blade System
Design Product Capacity
1,000 sheets/min
Customer could flexible to change as your specific dimension

Wallet Pocket Tissue Machine Functional Features

1.      Jumbo Roll Stand with 1 unit
2.      Digital Counting Sensors
3.      Auto Paper Dispenser Device
4.      Product Output Panel
5.      Blade Device
6.      Grading Stone
7.      Insert Advertising Card Message Available
Advantage of CB228 195AF Wallet Pocket Tissue Machine
To assist beginner enter hand towel paper business easy, CB228 195AF Wallet Pocket Tissue Machine designs as the smallest pocket tissue machine to produce pocket tissue paper products available.
1. Budget Pocket Tissue Paper Machinery
2. Great Volume of Product Capacity
3. Tidy Multi Tissue Paper Interfold
4. Reduce Workers, and Cost Saving
5. Convenient Pocket Tissue Machine Operation
6. Control Panel Close to Operator
7. Durable Quality Wallet Pocket Tissue Machine
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Ads Wallet Pocket Facial Tissue Machine

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