CHYAU BAN use “Full Line System” to increase facial tissue paper product capacity and help clients reduce company operation cost through this efficiency device.

CHYAU BAN invests household business in Taiwan since 2003. We have been running facial tissue products business for 9 years so far.

What we do for facial tissue factory is to set up a full line system to produce “box facial tissue products” and “plastic facial tissue products”effectively. It includes “Facial Tissue Machine”, “Log Saw”, “Boxed Packing Machine”, ”CPP Packing Machine”, and “Conveyors”.
These full line device are greatly reduced company salary costs in monthly, and to increase product capacity volume in daily. Because CHYAU BAN machinery uses reputable spare parts in the world to guarantee the tissue machine operate with the best performance in working process.

CHYAU BAN offers this a unique opportunity to those whom would like to experience the full line system of facial tissue machine- whatever is the most convenient for customers to understand how we well-organized for tissue paper machine operators.

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